ABA Began Play 42 Years Ago, and Legacy Remains

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ABA Began Play 42 Years Ago, and Legacy Remains

Postby rlee » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:38 pm

ABA Began Play 42 Years Ago, and Legacy Remains

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Postby Mike Goodman » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:39 pm

Keith Ellis wrote:..The fact is that all pre-Merger NBA vets saw their inflated averages quickly reduced after the ... Merger...

This is almost true, but not quite. I will offer that the following NBA pre-merger veterans had one or more seasons with arguably better stats after 1976:
    Mike Bantom
    Doug Collins
    Bob Dandridge
    Chris Ford
    Elvin Hayes
    George Johnson
    Pete Maravich
    Earl Monroe
    Mike Newlin
    Kevin Porter
    Wes Unseld
    Paul Westphal *
    Jo Jo White
This is a very short list, relative to the 170-odd NBA players on 1976 rosters. One inarguable (Westphal) and 12 arguables rather pales next to the ABA vets who surmounted the contraction influence.

... significant numbers of pre-Merger ABA vets (GGervin, MMalone, DT, RoundField, BJones, Buse, BKnight, BTaylor) either soared to new heights or didn't miss a beat...

To these names, I'd submit also Ron Boone, Gilmore, M Lucas, Mike Gale, Wil Jones, Tom Owens, Billy Paultz, Dave Twardzik, as at least arguable.

The commonality with most of these names is that they were on the upside of their careers. The ABA had signed a disproportionate number of young players in the mid-70s. A few guys had great years later (several with the Bullets).
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