Marvin Barnes and the Printed Word

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Marvin Barnes and the Printed Word

Postby Ralph Pittman » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:55 pm

Has anybody read the book They Call Me Bad News, which is the autobiography of Marvin Barnes? The book was published in March 2008, but it looks like the Bad News came and went faster than an Ed Wood movie. I don't think it's even possible to order the thing on Amazon. If anybody owns a copy of the book, I'd be interested to hear more about it. I've cut and pasted a product description below from Amazon. Thanks.

Product Description

Marvin "Bad News" Barnes was basketball’s original rebel. His outlaw reputation was born in 1974 when he was selected number two in the NBA draft. The Boston Celtics named him rookie of the year. However, not even the promise of being a star slowed his descent into a criminal life. The millions of dollars he took in overnight accelerated his decline. Barnes snorted cocaine during games and traveled with hookers on the team plane. He showed up at his locker to hang up his two guns. The player’s outlandish behavior earned him the name “Bad News,” which he lived up to for the next two decades.

In They Call Me Bad News, Barnes and award-winning sports writer Ed Miller chronicle the downfall of one of basketball’s legendary talents. For the first time ever, Barnes reveals in detail his first hand accounts of his no-holds-barred existence. Though this book is the story of professional sports and its culture of celebrity gone wrong, it is also one of redemption. Sober and active in the same community where he first learned to rob as a teenager, Barnes has plumbed the depths of society and lived to tell it all.
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