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George Peeples

Postby giasyc94 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:32 am

He was no everyday Peeples

By: Mark Montieth WFAN 1070 AM

You'd have to be either a veteran or hard core Pacers fan to have heard of George Peeples. He played for the franchise during its first two seasons in the ABA, then returned a few years later for nine more games. He was traded by the Pacers and ultimately released by the Pacers, and left embittered both times.

He's over it now, because after a year or so of being a beach bum he entered medical school and dental school, settled on dental school, and became an oral surgeon. He's still practicing at the age of 70 just outside of Los Angeles.

Peeples was a defender and rebounder, mostly, a high-jumping player who seemed a perfect fit as a role player with the Pacers. He was deemed expendable, though, and traded along with Ron Perry to Carolina for Art Becker, Spider Bennett and Tony Jackson after an exhibition game in Kentucky against the Colonels. He had his best years with the Cougars, but wound up with the Pacers again in the 1972-73 season. He was soon released, though, while injured, and filed a lawsuit. He eventually dropped it, but was soured on pro basketball for years to come.

Not now, though. He's probably had the best career after basketball of all the ABA Pacers.
Below is the link to Mark Montieth's radio interview:

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