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Civility Rules

Postby Gabe Farkas » Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:22 pm

These were posted on the e-mail list, and apply here as well:

House Rules:
Obscene, racist or sexually explicit language is not allowed. Personal attacks are not permitted. Posts that are abusive, hateful, or defame or insult are subject to removal. We also reserve the right to remove posts that are off-topic. Post with respect and civility. It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone. We take threats, harassment and stalking very seriously. Posts that might be construed as such may be deleted and made available to the proper law enforcement officials. Non English-language posts will likewise be reviewed for offensive content and will be permitted or restricted pursuant to the same rules. Users of derogatory racial or sexual terms will be banned.

No solicitations or advertisements are allowed, unless otherwise specified in the rules. This includes advertisements for your business or the latest get-rich-quick scheme.

You participate at your own risk on the bulletin boards, in chat rooms and in e-mail. You take responsibility for postings under your username and use the information provided here at your own risk. APBR takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted.

Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling
Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on the APBR Boards. Treat others on these message boards as you would expect them to treat you. Talking trash about another user or posting topics specifically to provoke a negative response from an individual, a group or an entire community is not acceptable on the APBR Boards. These posts will be deleted and may result in having the privilege of posting on the boards revoked.

Board bashing is also not allowed on the APBR Boards. Please respect the various communities on the APBR Boards system.

Profanity is unacceptable. While we may allow anything you might hear on network television or radio, don't go overboard. Simply editing a few letters with an asterisk or other symbols isn't allowed, either. All letters of an offensive word must be edited out. A simple rule to follow is: "when in doubt, leave it out." You don't have to use excessive profanity to get your point across, and it's usually better to avoid it altogether. Profanity in posts will be edited out. Repeat offenders or those who use excessive profanity may lose the privilege to post on the APBR Boards.

Off-Topic Posts
Try to post suitable subjects on each of the appropriate boards. It's probably not a great idea to ask "Who the best college center ever?" on the Pro Basketball board when we have a dedicated College Basketball message board dedicated for questions like that. Off-topic posts will either be moved to the appropriate board or deleted, and further action may be taken against repeat offenders.

General Enforcement of rules if they are broken in order:
First time: Warning on the board.
Second time: Temporary ban. Re-instatement may be applied for in an e-mail to the moderator.
Third Time: Sanctions for violations will be left to APBR's discretion.
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