How good is a triple double?

How good is a triple double?

Postby Mike Goodman » Thu May 08, 2014 12:36 pm

A headline today suggests that Russell Westbrook's triple-double (31-10-10) led the Thunder to a playoff win; he was aided by Kevin Durant's 32 points. KD also had 12 boards and 9 assists -- but no 3-D.

Westbrook has all 3 of the 3-D's in this year's playoffs. OKC has won 2 of the 3.
Since 1986 (as far back as has complete playoff games?), there have been 100 playoff 3-D's. Teams with a player hitting at least 10-10-10 have won 76 of them.

In that same interval, there are 104 instances of a player scoring 43 points or more. Their teams have won 64.4%
Lower the bar to 40 points -- 212 occasions -- and Win% is 67.5%

When a player has had 20 total rebounds in a game (134 times), his team has won 64.2% of them.
A 15-assist game by a player, in 143 instances, has been accompanied by a win 72% of the time.

Just about 60% of players getting (20 points + 10 rebounds) were on the winning team.
36% of all statistics are wrong
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