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Stan Patrick 36 or 38

Postby luckyshow » Thu May 28, 2009 9:06 am

NBL One-GAme Scoring Record progression:
21 pts. Leroy “Cowboy” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 75-42) Kankakee Gallaghers, 1/4/1938 (7 FG, 7 FT)
25 pts. Johnny Wooden, Ciesar All-Americans (W 61-38) Kankakee Gallaghers, 1/30/1938 at Whiting (10 FG, 5 FT)
28 pts. Leroy “Cowboy” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 68-35) at Kankakee Gallaghers, 2/2/1938 (13 FG/2 FT)
30 pts. Leroy “Cowboy” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 58-33) Kankakee Gallaghers, 2/8/1938
31 pts. Leroy “Cowboy” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars, Feb. 1938
39 pts. LeRoy “Cowboy” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 73-48) Badger Collegians, 3/27/1938 (Non-League) at Marshfield, Wisc.
33 pts. Chuck Chuckovitz, Toledo Jim White Chevrolets (L 38-67) Sheboygan Red Skins, 2/12/1942 (11 FGs•11 FT)
35 pts. Elroy “Lefty” Edwards, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 68-60) Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, 3/5/1942 (14 FGs•7 FT) Playoffs, Game 2, best of 3
35 pts. Bobby McDermott, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, n.d.
36 pts. Bobby McDermott, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (L 61-62) Cleveland Allmen Transfers, 2/8/1945
36 pts. Stan Patrick, Chicago American Gears v. Pittsburgh, 1945 38?
40 pts. Bob Carpenter, Oshkosh All-Stars (W 77-45) Cleveland Allmen Transfers, 2/9/1946 (14 FG•12-13 FT)
41 pts. George Mikan, Minneapolis Lakers (W 75-73) Rochester Royals, 1/18/1948
42 pts. George Mikan, Minneapolis Lakers v. Tri-Cities, 1948

•The 39 is a non-league exhibition game.
• The Stan Patrick 36 may be a 38, does anyone know about this game? •When Carpenter scored 40, it said Patrick had 36 in a game "last year" so it could be same season before the New Year, too..
•The McDermott 35 is there because when he scored 36 it said both he and Edwards had old record of 35.
•Similar with Edward's 31, as when he scored the 39 it said his record "had been" 31.
•An oddity is when McDermott scored 32 in a game in 1943, it said it tied Edward's 32 in 1942, which was odd enough, but it also read that Edwards had the playoff 35, and said Chuckovitz had the regular season record of 33. So it was odd they said 32 was any sort of record. Another article when McDermott scored 32 says it tied Edward's 32, and doesn't mention Chuckovitz at all. Was this due to Toledo dropping from league?
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Postby Brian Gaynor » Fri May 29, 2009 7:07 am

In Murry's book, on Page 137, he writes that Stan Patrick "set a new individual mark with 38 points" in the Chicago Gears' 95-64 win over Pittsburgh.

An interesting nugget from the same page. As the 1944-45 season wound down, the six NBL coaches were asked to select "All-Time Stars of Professional Basketball." The choices were made by Lonnie Darling (Oshkosh), Jack Tierney (Chicago), Jeff Carlsen (Cleveland), Joe Urso (Pittsburgh), Carl Bennett (Fort Wayne) and Dutch Dehnert (Sheboygan).

Here they are, in no particular order of voting other than the breakdown by teams:

Nat Holman -- Original Celtics
Johnny Beckman -- Original Celtics
Dutch Dehnert -- Original Celtics
Bob McDermott -- Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
Leroy Edwards -- Oshkosh All-Stars

Joe Lapchick -- Original Celtics
Nat Hickey -- Original Celtics
Buddy Jeannette -- Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
Jerry Bush -- Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
Wee Willie Smith -- New York Renaissance/Cleveland

Davey Banks -- Original Celtics
Benny Borgmann -- ABL star for several teams in 1920s
Curley Armstrong -- Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons
Eddie Riska -- Oshkosh All-Stars
Ed Dancker -- Sheboygan Redskins

By the looks of it, Dehnert and Bennett were stuffing the ballot box. :-)

Also, Murry writes: "It is interesting to note that of the five first teamers, only one, Leroy Edwards, still remains outside the Hall of Fame."
Brian Gaynor
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Postby Brian Gaynor » Fri May 29, 2009 7:20 am

I thought the selections of Armstrong and Riska, especially, for honorable mention (or third team) were unusual and very surprising.

Through 1945, a case could be made for probably a dozen or so better players. Here is just one solid dozen: Charley Shipp, Tarzan Cooper, Jake Pelkington, Jack Mann, Johnny Wooden, Ben Stephens, Fats Jenkins, John Isaacs, Chuck Chuckovitz, Mel Reibe, Gene Englund and Rube Lautenschlager.

I'd bet Jon and others could throw in more names of players greater than Armstrong and Riska.
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Postby Brian Gaynor » Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:10 am

The Globetrotters, as well as the other great barnstormers, often get overlooked when "All-Time Pro Teams" are discussed and selected. You can't tell me that some of those remarkable players from the independent giants of the 1930s don't belong on this All-Time Team.

Do all of those Original Celtics belong on the three teams of greats. My hometown Sheboygan coach Dutch Dehnert and my friend Carl Bennett obviously left their objectivity at home when they cast their ballots in 1945, when Bernie Price and Sonny Boswell of the Globetrotters/Studebakers should have secured two of the 15 slots. Johnny Wooden deserves another. Riska? Armstrong? Not even close. ...
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Postby rlee » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:34 pm

In the '63 Trotter yearbook, Abe selected the following as his
all-time Trotter team:
> Harry Rusan '35-'42
> Sonny Boswell '39-'42
> Clarence Wilson '50-
> Runt Pullins '29-'34
> Inman Jackson '28-'42
> Wilt Chamberlain '59-'60
> Babe Pressley '36-'52
> Hillary Brown '39-'41
> Bill Ford '32-'36
> Tex Harrison '52-
> In 1950 he listed:
> 1st squad:
> Pullins, Rusan, Ermer Robinson, Goose, Inman Jackson, Sweets
Clifton, Ted Strong, Pressley, Boswell and Marques Haynes
> 2nd squad:
> Zack Clayton, Rock Anderson, Tommy Brookins, Opal Courtney,
Bernie Price, Andy Washington, Bill Ford, Bob Frazier, Toots Wright
and Randolph Ramsey
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Postby Keith Ellis » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:58 pm

That's good stuff, Ray. Did Abe in that yearbook provide those playing dates himself? If so, he seems to be admitting that the Globies didn't play their first game in Hinckley, IL, in 1927 -- a fib that has endured decades. By all accounts, Inman Jackson is Abe's Original Trotter. If Inman played for the regrouped Savoys whom Abe began "mirroring" as faux-Trotters in the 1928-29 season, he can rightly be placed as beginning his Globie career in 1928.

That 1963 yearbook list couldn't scan, could it? Just asking!
Keith Ellis

Postby Keith Ellis » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:30 pm

Thanks, Ray. I'd just like to see Abe's own yearbook admitting in black-&-white that the Trotters began in 1928, not 1927.

For some odd reason Abe adamantly claimed early on that the team began in January 1927, & stuck to the story, various versions of the Savoy Big Five that thrived into the Forties to the contrary. No need for conspiracy theories w/ a lone tirelessly self-promoting loose cannon like Saperstein on deck.
Keith Ellis

Postby » Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:28 pm

mcdermott scored 32 against chicago hitting 11 in a row from ft- missed one came back with three more in a row making it 14 for 15 check with blackie towery on internet also scored 36 against cleveland
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Postby luckyshow » Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:45 pm

McDermott hit 32? When?

<blackie towery on internet also scored 36 against cleveland>

What does this mean? When? Does it fit in the records progression? (between 1945 and the higher one in 1946?
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Postby Brian Gaynor » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:42 am

McDermott scored 32 against the Chicago Studebakers in early January 1943 at the Milwaukee Auditorium. This was considered an NBL league game, while the other half of the doubleheader involving the other two NBL teams, Sheboygan and Oshkosh, was deemed an exhibition.

Incidentally, Bill Veeck, who was running the Milwaukee Brewers of the American Association, promoted the doubleheader.
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Re: Stan Patrick 36 or 38

Postby petroslav » Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:26 pm

luckyshow wrote:36 pts. Stan Patrick, Chicago American Gears v. Pittsburgh, 1945 38?

Chicago Daily Tribune 04 Mar 1945

Three National league basketball records fell by the wayside last night at the Coliseum as the American Gears closed their scheduled league season by trouncing the Pittsburgh Raiders, 93 to 66. The new records created were: [1] high league game scoring 159 points; [2] team scoring record 93 points by the Gears, and [3] Stan Patrick set a new individual game record of 38 points.
In creating a new mark the American Gear star Patrick accounted for 14 baskets and 10 free throws. This breaks the former record of 36 points held by Bob McDermott of the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons.
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