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1940-41 New York State League

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:11 am
by Jay
A little project I started working on, more is added daily and as I find more details on players, I backtrack and add them in. I have already collected all the box scores for this season and have logged them on a spreadsheet based on a template used from the site. Here is a sample page:

20 Oct 1940- Troy owner Pat S. Flannery enters first bid for a franchise in the New York State Professional Basketball League. Albany newspaperman Ben Danforth will head the league. Plans are for a six-team league, with the possibility of eight. Tentative franchises are Saratoga, Kingston, Glens Falls, Utica and Albany.
21 Oct 1940- Representatives of prospective cities met at a league meeting in Albany. A.B. "Turk" Karam announced he will operate the Glens Falls franchise. The city of Kingston is still discussing matters regarding being a host city. Four teams have given assurances to the league: Troy, Albany, Saratoga and Glens Falls. Other parties interested were Utica, Newark and Rochester. Major topic of discussion was development of local talent and limiting roster spots to a maximum of 2 players from the American Basketball League or similar caliber.
5 Nov 1940- Troy Names Joseph “Curly” Burns as coach. Games to be played at LaSalle Institute gymnasium in Troy (est. 1850). Seating capacity close to 1,000.
6 Nov 1940- Player candidates for Troy report for first practice.
13 Nov 1940- Pat Flannery offers Joe Polcha a contract. Polcha, of Yonkers, played previously with the Troy Celtics of the ABL. Flannery also pursuing John Pelkington, New York Jewels center. Danforth receives word that Johnstown and Kingston are both interested in franchises, but two factions in each town are trying to secure the rights.
14 Nov 1940- In a league meeting in Albany, guidelines and rules were established. The league will play a split season, the champions of each half will playoff for the title. A 16-game schedule for all teams announced for each half. Kingston was dropped from the league over disagreements, leaving Albany, Troy, Glens Falls, Johnstown and Saratoga. Rules will be a mixture of intercollegiate and professional. One-handed dribbles will be allowed, there will be a two-shot foul, and five fouls bring disqualification. The stationary pivot shot will not be allowed. All back court fouls by the offensive team will be taken out of bounds, all back court fouls by the defensive team bring one foul shot. A meeting of league officials will be called later in the month. Pat Flannery declared his team to be named Troy Monitors, James F. Carroll’s Saratoga team will be the Indians, Dick Ciccolella’s team will be the Albany Senators, A.B. “Turk” Karam’s team will be the Glens Falls Americans (will be changed to Lions before the first game), and the Johnstown team will be called the Twin Cities (in reference to Gloversville-Johnstown). It was announced the Saratoga Indians will open their season on Dec. 1 at Convention Hall (est. 1893, seating capacity 3,000), against Troy. Today’s practice for the Indians included Hank Bunowski (St. Bonaventure), Ted Podbielski (Union College), George “Lobby” O’Brien (200), Edward “Pete” Suwinski (6’4”), Ralph Semerad (Union College ’35- 2003 Union HOF), Charlie Stamper and Karl Heiner (6’2”). Coach is Truman “Deac” Whitman. Equipment was borrowed from nearby St. Peter’s Academy since the baskets were stolen sometime after being taken down in March 1940.
18 Nov 1940- Owner Pat S. Flannery of Troy announces matchup with the New York Renaissance on November 27, at LaSalle Institute, Troy.
19 Nov 1940- Ted Podbielski follows brother Paul (Syracuse University ’39) and enlists in the Navy. Saratoga scrimmages against area stars at Convention Hall. Players included Joe Shelley (Long Island University), George Abel (Rider College), Lobby O’Brien, Hollis DeSoe, Pete Suwinski, Dick Jacobs and Karl Heiner. Steve Sharkey (6’2”) and Harry Fuerst (6’3” have committed to play for the team, but are no shows.
21 Nov 1940- Troy announces Harry Fitzpatrick (Troy Celtics-ABL) and Tommy Flanagan (Troy Celtics-ABL, AKA Tommy Regan) added to lineup for Renaissance game. Renaissance lineup presented as Wee Willie Smith (6’6“), Wilmeth Sidat-Singh (Syracuse University ’39), Eyre Saitch (6’0”), Charles “Tarzan” Cooper (6’4”), William “Pop” Gates, Clarence “Puggy” Bell and Zack Clayton. Saratoga to play the City College Aces (Long Island University alumni) on Nov 26. Their lineup includes Jerry Lerner, Paul Brandman, Seymour Cooper, Henry (Hank) Rosenstein (6’3”), Eddie Lewis and Morty Branson. Manager is Nat Haber.
22 Nov 1940- Joe Polcha signs to play with Troy. Tommy Merrick (6’2”, 180, Marysville Teachers College, Denver Safeways-AAU) arrives in Saratoga for practice. Coach Whitman hopes to start Merrick, Lobby O’Brien, Pete Suwinski, George Abel and Joe Shelly (Long Island University) in the opener against the City College Aces on Nov 26. Henry Jackson (6’8”) and Anthony “Merf” DeNublio (Kingston Colonials-APL) will start team practice on the 24th.
23 Nov 1940- Saratoga agrees to terms with Bob Hunt (6’9”, Kansas Wesleyan). Fare was wired to Saratoga Springs.
24 Nov 1940- Bob Hunt notifies Saratoga management that he is backing out on his deal with the team, his mother would not give him permission to leave college. First game of the season originally scheduled for Nov 30 between Johnstown and Glens Falls is postponed until Dec 7 to allow Johnstown more time to prepare. Opening game will place Saratoga against Troy on Dec 1 in Saratoga. Flip Dowling of Albany will referee. Albany to open in Troy on Dec 4. Johnstown opens at home against Troy on Dec 5 and Glens Falls begins its season on Dec 7 against Saratoga. Only Saratoga and Troy play pre-league games, Saratoga against The City College Aces and Tory against the New York Rens. Coaching Johnstown Twin Cities will be Leo Ploski, former Providence College coach. Games will be played in the St. Anthony’s church, which has 1,800 seating capacity. Working out for the Johnstown team are Hank Bunoski, Joe Smith (Michigan State ’39), Willie Morris, Pete Rubin, Joe Milano (Union College ’36- 2004 Union HOF), Andi DeRicco (St. Bonaventure), Nick Iarossi (Centenary), Chuck Riffle (Notre Dame), Charles Collins (Springfield College), Jack Levy (Providence College), Dick LaPointe and Solly Nardello. Don Wemple (Colgate) is expected to join the team tomorrow. Glens Falls will know more of their team by the weekend after completing workout in New York City. Home games will be played at K. of C. gym which seats about 1,000. Turk Karam is looking to add local players. Arrangements are being made for a league meeting in Albany on Nov 28 to discuss some schedule changes and game rules. Saratoga signed Steve Sharkey, Harry Fuerst, Lobby O’Brien and Karl Heiner. Bob Nichols also signed a contract, but date not disclosed. At tonight’s practice were Hollis DeSoe, Ralph Semerad, Merf DeNublio and Coach Whitman.
25 Nov 1940- Lobby O’Brien will be unavailable to the Saratoga team due to work conflicts. Merf DeNublio was not offered a contract by the Indians. The squad picked to play in the first game against CCA is Sharkey, Fuerst, Heiner, and Bob Nichols. DeSoe, Semerad and Bob Rowley are all with the team on a temp basis. CCA will bring Jerry Lerner, Paul Brandman, Seymour Cooper, Hank Rosenstein, Eddie Lewis and Morty Branson. Referee is John Cassidy. Troy announces its lineup to play the Renaissance. Already occupying roster spots are Tommy Flanagan, Joe Polcha and Harry Fitzgerald. Added are “Chukkers” Berrigan, Abe “Shaker” Dunn (Troy Haymakers-ABL), Jackie Pendergast (Troy Haymakers-ABL), Tom F. Evers, “Red” Vetters, Edward “Dutch” Krambuhl and Mike Gully.
26 Nov 1940- Saratoga defeats City College Aces 46-34 in front of 500 fans. The new red-and-white uniforms debuted and warm-ups were conducted with red-and-white balls. Steve Sharkey was high scorer with 14 points. Karl Heiner followed with 12 points and George Abel showed great floor play. Running record is 1-0. Next game is at Plattsburg on Nov 28.