Antoine Walker and high school recruits

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Antoine Walker and high school recruits

Postby mtamada » Sun Dec 30, 2007 7:35 am

Only slightly off-topic: a Dec 27 Seattle Times article about Gonzaga player Jeremy Pargo (brother of Jannero). Had an academically checkered high school career; and also felt the pull of AAU summer basketball on the one hand vs. pleasing his high school coach Charles Redmond on the other -- with Redmond wanting him to concentrate on summer school to raise his grades and gain college eligibility. And into the fray, seemingly solving the dispute is, of all people Antoine Walker:

"Then came the summer of 2004. Pargo had just finished his junior year. Redmond was embroiled in the same, distrustful dispute that goes on across the nation: High school coaches against AAU coaches.

Pargo's AAU coaches took him to a tournament in Las Vegas. Redmond was dead set against it, arguing that Pargo needed to be in summer school. Finally, Redmond phoned one of the AAU assistant coaches, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Antoine Walker, and soon, Pargo was on a red-eye flight home."

http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.c ... +inglewood

Two surprises for me here. I hadn't realized that NBA players such as Walker spent time as AAU assistant coaches during the summer (presumably they do it on a basically volunteer basis; there's no way that an AAU assistant coach could pull down a salary that would be meaningful to a player making millions of dollars per year). And although I don't know what Redmond said on the phone to Walker, it was good to see Walker helping to make a decision that undoubtedly hurt his AAU summer team -- but that benefited the high school player Pargo.
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