Weird football play

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Weird football play

Postby luckyshow » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:22 pm

In Canadian football, there is a one point score called a "single" or a "rouge."

It is a score that the kicking team receives if a kicked ball is not brought out of the end zone (25 yards long in Canadian football). Also, except on kickoffs, if the kicked ball is untouched and goes out of the end zone (on punts and missed field goals).

There is also a rule in football (in the NCAA and the NFL), but never used, that a receiver of a kick, can kick it back, either by punt or drop kick. (They can also get a free kick, either punt or field goal, if a fair catch is called. Once every few decades, a field goal is attempted by free kick at the end of a half, but almost never punted).

In the CFL, a ball can be kicked back if no defender is within 5 yards of the receiver/kicker.

In the following play from 10/29/2010, Montreal Allouettes and Toronto Argonauts are tied. this is the last play of the game. Montreal is kicking the field goal attempt. If good, they win by 3. It is wide right. If Toronto doesn't bring it out of the end zone (and take a knee for a tie and OT) then Montreal will win by one. Toronto put a kicker into the end zone and not a formation to attempt a run back. He punts it back out. Montreal then receives it and kicks it back into the end zone. The ball is again attempted to be kicked out by the Toronto player who picks up the ball. It doesn't make it out of the end zone. Montreal recovers it for a touchdown, and wins by six (or seven if they are required to kick the extra point, called a conversion in Canada. Or 8 if they were jerks and went for two).

The referees meet to decide if the last kick was legal (although it can be kicked along the ground, it only can be legally kicked on one bounce.) and if it was kicked with defenders at least 5 yards away from the kicker. They decide it was all legal. I am unsure if they decided itw asn't legal, if they would have given the point, or a safety for a two point win.

Here it is

In AMerican football kicking it back and forth was once commonplace, though the rouge scoring nevere xisted. They did it for field position. There was actually no end zones at that time, the goal posts obviously on the end zone lines. The American football field was 110 yards long until 1911.
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