MaxPreps messed up

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MaxPreps messed up

Postby luckyshow » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:11 pm

Yesterday, MaaxPreps changed their pages. Not yet sure about basketball, but so much is missing now, or if there, the links don't work. I can't find a way to search for schools/teams, the stats link doesn't work. I searched in Google, found a team, went there but notthing is on the left, so no way to see rosters, schedule, results, past seasons. As I say you can find these with a detailed google search but find the schedule/results (I am seeing this with football) and there is no way to see a boxscore of any game. If they do exist I don't know how to search in google for them.

And find a player and go to their page and there is no way to see individual seasons (the seasons are there but no link exists) nor any way to see individual games. If they don't fix this (return to last week or two days ago, when it worked, all worked, correctly, I will not be able to be exacting about who scored high scores in any game.

As it is now, it is useless. They have absolutely no way to contact them. There is a suggestions page but the window for "State" (where one libes) is missing and when you try and send the message (which is supposed to only be from coaches), it says you have to put in a state or you can't send it!!! I wrote an email to someone in advertising (the only email address given anywhere) but doubt they will forward it to anyone, or reply. So I call the 800 number which turns out also to be for coaches only. Left a message there. Why would they deliberately ruin the site?
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