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Try, try again

Postby luckyshow » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:32 pm

Would anyone know the following. In December of 1968, a player that the Virginia newspaper called a former "UCLA star" was playing for Walter Reed Army Medical Center's basketball team in the Amphibious Forces Holiday Basketball Tournament at Norfolk. In the only reference I can find, promoting the 1969 tournament, it stated he scored 55 points in one game. This is the reason I am looking for his name. Which they elided, neglected to mention. I can't find another reference. It may be there since even this reference is hard to locate again.

Anyone possibly know who may have been in the army stationed there in 1968, who had "starred" at UCLA. There should only be so many possibiities.

Thank you

You can see this pre-digital editing blooper here:
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