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Postby luckyshow » Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:29 pm

why is there not much historic, etc. on this forum anymore. I almost wish for the return of that Indiana obsessed guy again...
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Re: dull

Postby John Grasso » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:19 pm

My current project is the American Basketball League - the one from the 1920s
and the subsequent one from 1933-53. I'm attempting to expand on the files for these
leagues that are on the APBR site. I'm also creating a demographics file on the ABL players
similar to the one I have for the other leagues - NBL, BAA, NBA, PBLA, NPBL, ABL62 and ABA
that's also on the APBR site.

Anyone interested in a copy of this Excel file can contact me at jgrasso@frontiernet.net

There's also quite a bit of good work being done on the NBL on a site called peachbasketsociety.com
John Grasso
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Re: dull

Postby HistoryofWomensBasketball » Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:07 am

Would love to be able to post about the book on the Red Heads. However, have hit a major wall.

On the women's side of history. I love it, yet had a pretty serious health issue and have changed course to enjoy a bit of life. Artifacts have been going to various places around the country. Some to Naismith, Smithsonian, upstart museum in the mid west, and a few other people that have an interest in the history like myself and i hope they will continue to learn and spread the word.

I still come here and read. Been sad to see the decline in posts, but have learned so much here and enjoy it.
John Molina

Preservationist of History of Womens Basketball

Co-Author of upcoming book on the All American Red Heads

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Re: dull

Postby petroslav » Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:56 pm

There is plenty of research on nbastats.net, done mostly by APBR members, including the project of all projects - game logs with each box score stat for every game in NBA, ABA, ABL and NBL history.

Everyone is welcome to contribute.

NBA game logs/box scores:

1946-47 - 1955-56 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 55.56.xlsx
1956-57 - 1965-66 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 65.66.xlsx
1966-67 - 1971-72 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 71.72.xlsx
1972-73 - 1976-77 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 76.77.xlsx
1977-78 - 1980-81 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 80.81.xlsx
1981-82 - 1984-85 http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... 84.85.xlsx


http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... gsABA.xlsx


http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... ogsABL.xls


http://nbastats.net/01NbaAbaNblAbl/05-G ... gsNBL.xlsx
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