103 point game

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103 point game

Postby luckyshow » Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:06 am

Bill Reigel 103 pts 1/6/1955 maybe an AAU game?

I'd love to figure out the team he played for... It says he was an ex-Duke player. In 1955-56 he played for NAIA McNeese State (1956 NAIA champions). So it seems confusing. Do you think he played for Fort Benning here? From a bio I have found, He played at Duquesne, transferred to Duke, was drafted and stationed at Ft. Benning and later played at McNeese (had games of 57 and 52). This is not listed as an armed forces record, that is one played in the early 40s at AAU tournament in Denver. Reigel was at McNeese State 1954-55 but this game is January 1955..I find it in three newspapers...
•62 pts. Gale Bishop, Fort Lewis Reception Center (Wa.) (W 87-21) v. Hoxie Chamber of Commerce (Kans.), 3/20/1945 A.A.U. 2nd round (28 FG, 6 FT)

Though I have found this one:
•64 pts. Jack “The Shot” Foley, Coast Guard Training Station (W 113-108) East Hartford Explorers, 11/30/1962 (25 FGs•14 FT)

Wish there was a Columbus, Georgia paper digitalized on line. Anyone live there near a library with microfilm?

Same day Wilt scored 59 for Overbrook against Dobbins in a Public League game.
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