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Postby Jayzel » Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:20 pm

Thanks to Bob Chaikin, John Grasso and Robert Bradley we have access to most of the scoring related stats from the NBL and old ABL.

But who were the great rebounders, passers, defenders of these 2 leagues?

Yes we know (based on BAA/NBA stats) that the likes of Cervi, Jeanette and Davies were pretty good distributors and the likes of Risen, Felix and Mikan were strong on the boards but what about guys who never played in the BAA/NBA?

What did the likes of (but not limited to) McDermott, Edwards, Shipp, Lautenschlager, Soup Cable, Kautz, Boswell, Novak, DeZonie, Ticco and Patrick do well? (other than some of them being pretty accomplished at putting the ball in the hoop).

Would love to know your thoughts.
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Re: NBL and ABL

Postby bla2222 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:22 am

I found some very good information about the ABL from the 1920s in the newspapers. George “Horse” Haggerty was an Original Celtic but played for the Washington Palace Laundry in the first year of the ABL and was a noted rebounder and had lost some on defense. Walter “Tillie” Voss and Francis “Stretch” Meehan were notable centers.

This is in the first chapter of The Bullets, The Wizards and Washington, DC Basketball
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