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Canada Day

Postby otismalibu » Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:47 am


No list of top 10 Canadian pro hoopsters of all time?

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Postby rlee » Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:00 am

Top 25 Canadians (compiled by CJ Phillips of Frozen Hoops) ... l_Time.pdf
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Postby MCT » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:36 pm

One item on that list caught my eye -- Mickey Fox, who is on C.J.'s All-Time All-Canadian fifth team, was drafted by NBA teams twice, four years apart. Fox was a 10th round pick of the Pistons in 1975, then a 3rd round pick of the Blazers in 1979. Googling Fox reveals that he was actually an American by birth -- originally from Queens -- but he played college basketball in Canada at St. Mary's (N.S.) and settled permanently in the area after college.

How it did it come about that Fox was drafted twice, four years apart, and much higher the second time? First, a few assumptions:

1) Fox must have been at least four years out of high school in 1975 (at the time, a player could not be drafted until four years had elapsed since his high school class had graduated, unless he applied for "hardship" status).

2) Fox must have maintained his amateur status between 1975 and 1979 (a player cannot be eligible for the draft a second time unless he has maintained his amateur status).

3) Since Fox wasn't drafted in 1976, 1977 or 1978, it would seem that something must have happened during the 1978-79 season to dramtically improve his draft stock.

From some information posted on the St. Mary's web site, as well as a Google News search, it appears that Fox initially enrolled in college in the fall of 1971, and was a senior in 1974-75. A short bio states that Fox "arrived on campus in 1971", and I have found evidence suggesting that he played for St. Mary's all four seasons between 1971-72 and 1974-75. St. Mary's won the Canadian Interuniversity Athletics Union championship in 1972-73 (the CIAU, known today as the CIS, is the Canadian equivalent to the NCAA). Fox was the tournament MVP.

Then, Fox was somehow able to return to St. Mary's for the 1978-79 season. How, I'm not sure; I guess college eligibility works differently in Canada. St. Mary's won another CIAU championship, and Fox was the CIAU tournament MVP again. This is presumably what prompted Portland to notice him and draft him in 1979. I have found no evidence that Fox played for St. Mary's during the 1975-76, 1976-77 or 1977-78 seasons. St. Mary's also won the CIAU championship in 1977-78, but I have encountered no reference to Fox being on that team. Bios mention his having played on only two CIAU champions, in '73 and '79.

I'm not sure what Fox was doing during the three seasons in between, but he must have retained his amateur status. Bios mention that Fox won a Canadian Senior Men's Championship playing for a team sponsored by Budget Rent-A-Car, which sounds like it may be some kind of traveling amateur team, but it's unclear when that was. A short bio on the St. Mary's web site also states that Fox was a 5-time "AVAA All-Star" and a 4-time "All-Canadian" between 1972 and 1976. Being a 4-time award winner between 1972 and 1975 would line up with Fox's four years of college, but these accolades seem to spill over into a fifth year, 1976.

On the draft front, Google News has an article from the June 26, 1979 edition of the Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard which indicates that Blazers assistant Jack McKinney had recommended drafting Fox. McKinney is quoted as calling Fox a "fantastic" shooter and noting that he had played well in exhibition games St. Mary's played against Villanova and St. Joseph's, scoring 30+ points in both games. Jack Ramsay cited the introduction of the three-pointer for the upcoming 1979-80 season as a motivation in taking a flyer on Fox. On the other hand, the article says "It's doubtful that more than a handful of clubs had even heard of Fox".

I haven't come across anything that mentions Fox trying out for the Blazers, or pursuing a professional career at all. Does anyone have any more info on him?
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