NBL Project

NBL Project

Postby John Grasso » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:22 pm

This was originally sent to all NASSH members (North American Society for Sports History)
Is anyone here (APBR) interested in working on this project?

Posted on behalf of Professor Steve Ross:

Several years ago, I presented a talk at a sports economics session, called Ethno-Myopia and the Structure of Professional Basketball in the United States, based on Murry Nelson’s The National Basketball League: A History, 1935-1949. As you may recall, the NBL was an innovative and successful league, one of the precursors to the National Basketball Association. The NBL ended up merging into the NBA and almost all the teams went out of business shortly thereafter.

My thesis is that had the NBL been more familiar with the structure of sport in Europe, they would have created a two-tier league where their clubs could have maintained themselves in small Midwestern towns. I generally received positive responses but scholars recommended that, to be publishable, the best fit was in a sport history journal, but to make it work required additional research, principally of local newspaper archives from that time, to prove my thesis that the NBL owners simply didn’t consider any other option than traditional mergers.

I’m not in a position to do this myself, but would be quite interested in collaborating with a sports historian (either faculty or graduate student) who might be able to confirm my hypothesis with archival research from NBL cities. If anyone would like to learn more about the project to ascertain their own interest, please contact me at sfr10@psu.edu. Thanks.

Steve Ross

Stephen F. Ross
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