The barnstorming Rosenblum Celtics of Cleveland

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The barnstorming Rosenblum Celtics of Cleveland

Postby lapisnotes » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:49 am

Dear Friends,
you know the ABL started in 1926 and stopped in 1931 season, starting to limp around Xmas 1930, when the fantastic Max Rosenblum stopped to back money to his Cleveland Rosenblums, caused by Depression's constarints.
Joe Lapchick got reunited his old friends and started to barnstorm with the Original Celtics name. In the next season 1931 to 1935 one, Joe received sponsorships by the always sport-lover Max, and the team played under the Rosenblum Celtics of Cleveland. Now I have this photo of that team, and I will not have peace until I know all the names of the players immortalized in the picture. The two managers seated are familiar, surely right is Irving Nig Rose.
From L to R: #1 Don Dutton, #2 Polly Birch, #3 Len Sheperd, #4 Nat Hickey, #5 Pat Herlihy, #6 Dutch Dehnert, #7 Lou Bender, #8 Lou Spindell, #9 Pip Koehler, #10 Carl Husta.
I supposed it is the initial 1935 season, in autumn 1934. Why? Birch was at the first year after varsity, and Husta was at the last year with Cleveland, next year he will captain Kingston.
Thank for your help.
Roberto Bergogni aka Bob Bergum aka lapisnotes
Maybe 1934-1935 Rosenblum Celtics photo copia.jpg
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