The race for the 2020 NBA title

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Re: The race for the 2020 NBA title

Post by Nathan » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:22 pm

I'm fairly confident in Lowry's ability to age gracefully, but I'm optimistic about Millsap too. I see him following the same trajectory as David West (or maybe slightly better) if he stays healthy, and that would make him a very worthwhile 6th man through the end of a 4-year contract. I feel like I need to watch some tape to figure out how much Millsap really declined last year, though. His block, steal, and rebound rates all fell off a cliff, but RPM suggests he didn't decline at all on defense.

As good as Lowry is, I feel like you get more bang for your buck pairing Jokic with a 2-way glue guy like Millsap than with another ball-dominant creator like Lowry. As I noted earlier, they already had a super-efficient offense last season, so at a basic level adding a defensive stalwart seems like the right way to turn that team into a contender.

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Re: The race for the 2020 NBA title

Post by jgoldstein34 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:31 pm

My view would be that Lowry is currently better than Millsap so he has further to fall and thus I think will be a bit more valuable 4 years from now and the contract would be as atrocious.

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Re: The race for the 2020 NBA title

Post by Crow » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:34 am

A view of recent NBA history:

2008 Celtics. Shrewd moves (Garnett & Allen) / maybe "gifts" to replace the Spurs as titleholder.
2009-10 Lakers shrewd move (Gasol) / "gift" to replace Celtics.
2011 Mavs, Kidd to take over from Lakers.
2012-13 Heat. Players help Pat take over.
2015 Warriors win with "steals" of Iggy, Bogut (and draft steals)
2016. LeBron wins with NBA lottery "good fortunes" / "steals", Love steal, etc.
2017 Warriors add second title with Durant shrewd move / steal.

Seems like GMs moves are important, valuable. Maybe the best GMs should be getting Phil Jackson of JJ Redick level money. Or more?

Shrewd and / or lucky owners are getting what? $50-200 million bumps and runs of bumps in franchise values.

I should probably give up following the financial side of the show. Almost crappy Hollywood movie or overhyped TV show obscene. But not soda water or piss beer or cigarette death lucrative.

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