Learning about and from the Warriors

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Learning about and from the Warriors

Post by Crow » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:22 pm

http://stats.nba.com/players/advanced/# ... =MIN*GE*15

6 of top 7.

Is all about individual talent and the abundance of it or is there something about the mix of player types / 4 factor levels / whatever that is transferable?

Looking at 4 factors the message seems to be shooting and shot defense matter most (because they impact the scoreboard most and most directly?) Only other teams with top 10s on both of these factors in regular season were Spurs,Celtics, Jazz and Clippers. Raptors just missed by 1 place. Blazers missed by 2 places. Nobody else with a top 10 and a top 15. These are probably the teams to watch in future, assuming they didn't mess this up recently. Not on this list: Rockets, Thunder, Cavs, Wizards. You may not absolutely need to be 2-way strong on these factors but it is a big deal.

In last playoffs Warriors get a 1st & 2nd. Nobody else with 2 top 5s. Cavs, Celtics & Rockets tie for second at combined ranks of 11, Combined rank of 3 blows away 2 of the 11s. Raptors and Blazers balloon up to near worst combined ranks. Spurs do badly too, especially for how good they were in regular season. Clippers only slightly less ballooning.

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