Player Speed (and other player tracking data)

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Player Speed (and other player tracking data)

Post by Crow » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:01 pm

Russell Westbrook

Avg. Overall Speed 4.08 (MPH, I think)
On offense 4.72
On defense 3.52

Speed on defense 75% of offensive speed.

Overall speed rank- About 365th.
On offense, about 115th. Defense, about 420th.

Broadening out, it looks like offensive speed is significantly higher than defensive speed. Mean is a bit above 4.5 on offense but only 3.9 on defense. Not totally unexpected though.

Westbrook's net speed edge over average on offense is only half of his net deficit on defense.

On another issue, only 13 guys in league getting 5 plus post TOUCHES per game. That seems small. Smaller than I realized. Only 11 with 5 plus elbow touches per game.

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