League average milestones in 2017-18?

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League average milestones in 2017-18?

Post by Crow » Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:26 pm

3point attempts reached an average of 27 per game last season, up almost 3 from previous season. Will they break 30 this time or stay under?

Offensive rating hit all-time high of 108.8, up almost one. Will it break 110?

Other milestones are likely as well as some trends continue. Almost certainly with offensive rebounds, maybe blocks & turnovers. We might see some trends reverse.

Will pace reach 98? Will the cut in timeouts affect this and other marks? 100 was last seen 31 years ago. Will pace reach that in a few years, take longer or stay short of it?

Will average age creep a little lower? There are some increased incentives for the league passing on more older guys in favor of the younger but how much shift will occur, how fast? Still a bit above all-time low but it might move toward it.

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