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GM talent pool

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:10 am
by Crow
By media accounts, I get the impression that most General Manager hirings involve 3-10 people actually interviewed. I'd guess they are selected out of a pool of maybe 20-200 names actually considered, mostly former and assistant GMs & former NBA players and head coaches.

Certainly the search starts there but it could be broader or much broader. It could include more internal team candidates, sports agents, business side sport executives, NCAA and international coaches, managers, players, senior Fortune 500 managers and top young talent, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, hedge fund and other money managers, sports business consultants, other sport executives, business consultants, Business school, social science and analytic professors and top students, top tech talent, top lawyers and managing lawyers, federal, military, city and state senior managers and maybe even elected officials, team majority and minority owners, certain owner personal acquaintances and family members, possibly architects and other design experts, some media, some fans from season ticket holders to internet fan / analysts to fantasy & sim players or sports gamblers, movie and other entertainment directors / producers, possibly super successful high school coaches, organization development experts, etc. The list could easily run into thousands, ten of thousands or more.

It might stretch a little for some searches but probably not that often or that much. But it probably should stretch at least some. Maybe a lot. How many owners are really that satisfied with who they have tried and what type of talent they have tried? Stay in same track or look beyond? How quick could people pick up the inside knowledge or learn to listen to it effectively? I am guessing it is possible, more possible than the reigning insiders might say / think.