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Post by Crow » Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:30 am

Tank / rebuild underway.

20 of 20 most used player pairs are negative. Most atrocious.
Sexton / Osman the most used and -19 pts per 100 poss. Is this the favored future base? Right now it looks like the worst possible idea. Two of the 5 worst rated players on RPM estimate in the league. Combined RPM of almost -12.

The real base may be Nance. And not much else.

Love would seem unlikely to last there. I dunno what they will get for him. Thompson should be traded too. Nothing that good is probably happening anytime soon.

Only 1 lineup used 2 minutes per game. 2. Are you learning much that way? I don't think so. A horrendous lineup currently at -32 / 100 poss. Great for the tank. Whack if you see that as the best choice.

Sexton and Osman are Nance's worst pairs. He isn't saving them. But I'd get him away from such poor partners, at some point. Maybe one or both jumps up. I guess give them time. Sexton is real young. Osman will be 24 shortly. Needs to stop his sophomore slide and show something by next season.

If you wanted to find / prove something positive, the main thing I see is Burks / Clarkson / Nance... probably away from Sexton and Osman. I guess with Dellavedova. 5th guy is probably not on roster yet but test everyone you have that might fit there, as a starter or a sub. Some of the no names appear decent or possibly decent.

Burks / Clarkson / Nance being good may just be a fluke. It is extremely unlikely you'd actually go with that long term. But if it works, you foul try to understand why then get player capable of similar play... but better.

I could see them getting near .500 if they retain Love / Thompson, sign a few now players and try. Will they? Should they? That would take more thought. Choose when they want to be good again. Rush it, go slow or something in between.

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