Recent decisions by Grizzlies

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Recent decisions by Grizzlies

Post by Crow » Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:46 pm

Zach Kleiman will be the focal point at the head of a very large group of actors. Owner, President, three former GMs and another retained senior advisor. Collaboration may be good if well managed.

Not sure it was in recent past. Hard to say from outside who "made" various decisions, who was for or against them. But let's list the big moves and at least ask where did Kleiman stand on them?

Trade Jeff Green to Clippers for Lance Stephenson and a future first round pick back in summer 2015. Just got there, probably not involved in the decision in a significant way.

C Lee trade? Probably ok.

Gasol and Conley contracts. Not looking as good in hindsight but he probably did not have any weight in those calls.

2016 first round decisions? Might have been involved. Any that supported the dud decisions at that time should share the blame. Or if opposed, not effective in that opposition.

Sign Parsons? Surely he was involved in the details of the contract. Did he have a vote in the decision? I dunno. Somebody ask him. Horrendous decision even before the injuries.

T Evans signing? Somebody gets credit there. Somebody also gets blame probably for not finding a way to retain.

JaMychal Green contract? Somebody should get blame unless the intention was merely to acquire a trade chip.

Temple, ok.

Marshon Brooks, pretty good first time. Not near as much the second.

Dillon Brooks? Not much.

Kyle Anderson? Pretty good decision.

Trading Mack? Probably alright after giving up on season.

Trade for Holiday? Looks like a non-helpful move, though it was garbage out too.

Cabocolo, Tyler? Not bad but not that important either.

Noah? Pretty good decision / implementation.

Cassipi, alright.

Fire Joerger? Hire and fire Fizdale? Hire and fire Bickerstaff? On Wallace but who supported or opposed?

J Jackson. Pretty good, though not as good yet as I would have thought.

Gasol trade? Depends if they retain JVal and at what price. Wright, pretty good. Miles not so much.

Jevon Carter? Bad performance and bad reviews by anonymous teammates apparently.

Overall it is mainly average to bad decisions. A few good. A few terrible ones. Taken together they didn't work and not even close. Got worse over time from just ok to quite bad. If a prodigy was in the Grizzlies office, he wasn't making much of a positive difference in a support role. Where did Kleiman stand on all these things? Better than others? Actual prodigy level great? Not? If he is a prodigy, why have 3 other GMs on staff to potentially pull other directions? Is he so good (in theory) that he can pull good from them when he couldn't in the past collabration? (Genius blocked?)

Let's see and hear what happens from here. It will probably be hard to sort out unless he likes to talk to the media and claim credit. Or backbiting breaks out.

They could have cleaned house and brought in brand new. They went with in house and a little new on the side.

If Griz don't hire another counsel and Kleiman is still performing those functions (big & small) it would raise questions. The stuff takes time, time that wouldn't be going new places without relief from at least much of that load.

What role did youth, good looks and other personal factors have on making Kleiman the guy up front? Probably a lot.

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