Warriors analyst's background

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Warriors analyst's background

Post by mtamada » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:17 pm

This article is the fourth one in rlee's April 2 Basketball Intelligence, but is interesting enough to get its own post.

I'd known a little about how Pabail Sidhu had been a student at the Univ of WA and worked his way into a data analysis position with the Warriors, but this provides a lot of detail that I hadn't been aware of: the role of Rick Sund, the indirect role of Dean Oliver, and the role of Lorenzo Romar, the then head coach of the UW's basketball team who made Sidhu reportedly the first such analyst at the college level -- and just as Lew Alcindor's presence caused the NCAA to ban dunking, Sidhu's role on the Husky bench caused other teams to get the NCAA to ban such analysts from benches during games.

(Donald Knuth as an undergraduate had provided statistical analysis for his college team's coach some 60 years ago, but he appears to have needed to use punch cards as input, which would've limited how much up-to-date information he could offer from the bench.)

The article says that Sidhu tired of his position at the UW and moved on to the Warriors, maybe he was dissatisfied with his role with the Huskies but the article makes it clear that the SuperSonics were his first love so he may've simply preferred to analyze the NBA.

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Re: Warriors analyst's background

Post by Crow » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:10 am

Article gives visibility but to give substance it would need to be 3 plus times longer, But subject and team are probably content with visibility and no reveal and no analysis of the reveal.

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