Lance Pearson interview

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Lance Pearson interview

Post by rlee » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:04 pm

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Re: Lance Pearson interview

Post by Crow » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:44 pm

So he noticed staff politics for job retention or advancement. Wonder which staffers were on offense and defense. May have been some of both. A number lost out when Hinkie left. All pretty recent out of college. Doesn't appear any of them had much prior management experience.

"I managed almost all of the coaching and player analytics with the 76ers during my time with the team... " Oh? What were the 2 VPs of basketball doing? Did they agree this characterization? He said managed, not did. Were the VPs doing own thing? Was that Hinkie's management style? Was it effective? Why did he note office politics and not effective teamwork? Does interview and only name mentioned in relation to effective teamwork is coach, not any front office guys.

So Pearson had his highest title and presumably decision input when Sixers took Simmons (almost no one was against his #1 pick)... and Timothy Luwawu-Cabbarrot and Forkmaz. Not much to say for the latter 2 first round picks yet.

Charted effort. Ok but wow what an innovation in 2015. Mentions RPM but in a way that makes it sound like something else, outside, not used or not used as much as the effort tracking video linked application. What about comparing video tracked effort to RPM? I'd think that would be more rigorous and more likely to help determine real impact. Hmm...

Tracking effort in practice is a notable side note. Was tracking effort really worth much immediately when the roster was designed to tank and did so very effectively? Perhaps it helped facilitate future culture between coach and a few featured / retained players.

In 2014-15 steals increased a lot but efg% went from average to dead last. Chasing effort partials too much? Steals may have been a big focus but after initial gain there wasn't much more. Blocks and offensive rebounds oscillated. Defensive rebounds remained weak. I didn't check other tracked effort plays but it was probably mixed at best. Impact was pretty near low. Most of the Sixers players between 2014-16 are out of league or in minor roles or with tarnished reputations. Didn't get enough effort or impact or applied analytic impact.

"Pigeonholed" into doing the effort tracking application? Was that the coaching strategy and / or VPs? Get this analytics staffer doing acceptable busywork? Reduce their freedom to get in your way in other ways? Sounds good tactically. If you are playing the power game, not the knowledge and team impact game.

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