Suns 2013-18 retrospective

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Suns 2013-18 retrospective

Post by Crow » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:07 am

McDonough inherited a team that had a 2 way bad season before he arrived. The next season, most things looked quite good with Hornacek. They dramatically increased Moreyball. Dragic and Bledsoe were both great on RPM. Then... it started going downhill. The point guard trades were a mixed bag. Dragic turned meh. Trading him for picks seemed alright at time. Trading for Knight made no sense. The PG shuffle seemed to have caused uncertainty, instability at tam level.

What other mistakes were made? Perhaps getting overly infatuated with Booker too quickly. Picking and believing in Len. Picking and believing in Watson. Going away from Moreyball. Losing Tucker. Defense.

Over 3 years basically all the gains were lost. Then last season was flat terrible.

Who drove the decision to get Knight then Watson between McDonough and Sarver? I dunno. Both responsible. May be more Sarver.

Were any lessons learned? We'll see. Jones' elevation so fast suggests probably not enough. PG is still a mess. Worst it has ever been.

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