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Dr Positivity
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Klay Thompson

Post by Dr Positivity » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:41 pm

His ranks last year:

WS/48: 148th among qualified players
BPM: 155th
RPM: 175th

But is universally considered a top 20 or 30 player. It's very rare to see a player of his reputation of a HOFer in his prime who doesn't hit one of those categories. To put it in perspective the 159th (average of those three rankings) highest paid player in the league was Garrett Temple at 8 million. Klay just signed for 38 million a year.

His style of play is a rich man's version of the 1st ranked SG (Danny Green) - theoretically he should be the best 3 and D wing ever, both giving you what impact Green does as a spacer and shooter, while also contributing all star scoring. But his real +/- doesn't reflect this at all.

- Are there stats that back up Klay as a top 30 player?

- Why aren't his WS and BPM numbers better again? He scores 23 pts/36 on above average efficiency (.571 TS%), doesn't turn it over a ton, and plays on an above average defensive team

- Klay hasn't ranked top 10 for SGs in DRPM once in his prime. It's safe to say he is overrated on that end. Up until the last two years his offensive reputation isn't entirely unfounded by ORPM (9th in 2015, 25th in 2016, 26th in 2017), but then it starts to fall apart (45th in 2018, 56th in 2019). On the whole though this is a down year in RPM for him as he ranked 60th in 2018, 44th in 2017, 65th in 2016, and 30th in 2015. It still calls him overrated most years.

- For the people who watched Klay a lot last year, what exactly were the "bad plays" that hurt his production?

- Are you comfortable with none of the stats backing up Klay as a top 30 player, but based on talent and common sense along (shooting/defense/unselfishness) marking it down as an anomaly and still rating him as all-star level?

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Re: Klay Thompson

Post by Crow » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:21 pm

"Why aren't his WS and BPM numbers better again?"
He doesn't produce many assists or rebounds.

He was 22nd highest on 30 plus point games last season. Big pt games draw attention.

By efg% he was 135th in league last season. By 3pt fg% he was better but only 55th last season (albeit there are a lot of guys with few shots up there).

For career he is 16th best on 3 pt fg% among those with 100 plus attempts. 11th for those with 1000 plus attempts.

His ft rate is very low.

He has had some memorable playoff games but overall he is nothing that special by boxscore metrics.

Pushing towards 30 in Feb.

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