A brief look at trends with Magic

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A brief look at trends with Magic

Post by Crow » Sun Aug 04, 2019 5:26 pm

After Van Gundy left, Magic hired a former Spurs GM and former Spurs Coach. And... the shot distribution immediately moved very far from Moreyball principles. Howard /Anderson traded and replaced with Vucevic / Harris with major costs to inside game and 3 pt game. And it didn't work and didn't work, but didn't change. One fired then the next.

Modest change since but still well below average on Moreyball. Neither a new front office, coach or analytics staff brought about major change in shot distribution. Struggles. Their future is probably capped here unless this changes.

The 3 point game appears to be the most important part of the Moreyball triad from a contender team style standpoint but other shots that aren't taken inside or at ft line (the highest expected value shots) are taken from the least efficient mid-range zone.

Clifford fixed the defense, especially defensive rebounding. The offense still needs more help to improve rank relative to other teams. Hornets saw offense improvement during Clifford time there but could be argued a lot was because of roster moves to bring in 3 point capable wings.

How have Magic changed for next season? Not much. More rebounders / defenders for frontline but not much change on perimeter and 3 pt game unless Fultz returns from the shadows.

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