Some trivia. Regular season 2012-2013 data

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Some trivia. Regular season 2012-2013 data

Post by vzografos » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:10 am

While preparing for the new season, I have been looking back at my data. I can see that for season 2012-2013 I only have 1229 games instead of the usual 1230 (82x30/2) games played in a regular season (apart from 2011-12).

I have verified this wit and and it seems that there is a game missing between
Toronto vs Atlanta 04/16/2013
Portland vs LA 04/16/2013

There should be a 1214th game at
The ends correctly at the 1230th game but one game (1214) was skipped.

Apparently the missing game is the Indiana vs Boston due to the Boston bombings.

Might be worth knowning about this if you are doing any automatic data scraping from since the last game ends at 1230 but you only get 1229 games (1214 is empty data).

Mike G
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Re: Some trivia. Regular season 2012-2013 data

Post by Mike G » Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:08 pm

Yes, the playoff seeding of both Ind and Bos would have been unaffected by the outcome of the game, so rather than postpone it, they cancelled it.

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